Under the Tuscan Spell— The American Cemetery of Florence

Aug 30, 2022 282

BY: Warner M. Montgomery

On our way from Florence to the wine country of Chianti, we stopped at the American Cemetery and Memorial 7.5 miles south of Florence. This is one of 26 cemeteries overseas honoring fallen American soldiers, eight from WWI, 28 from WWII. There are two in Italy, the other in Nettuno.

They are maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission and financed by the American taxpayer. Those buried in this cemetery fell between June 4, 1944, following the capture of Rome, and May 2, 1945, when Italy was liberated. During this time the Allies pursued the retreating enemy northward. Leghorn fell on July 18, Pisa on July 23, and Florence on August 4.

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SOURCE: https://www.thecolumbiastar.com/

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