Valle d'Aosta: Italy's French region has an ancient Roman heart

Sep 06, 2022 270

BY: Chiara Dalessio

Valle d’Aosta, the smallest region of Italy, is tucked away at the northwestern corner of Piedmont. A beautiful Alpine heart, filled to the brim with traditions, history, and natural beauty. Popular among trekkers and skiers, it is one of the regions – the others are Sardinia, Sicily, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and Trentino Alto-Adige – to enjoy a Statuto Speciale, which entitles it to more autonomy when it comes to the management of public funds, schools, and infrastructures.

The reason for Valle d’Aosta’s special status lies in its physical conformation – its territory is 100% mountainous – and in its bilingualism: just like Trentino Alto-Adige speaks both Italian and German, Valle d’Aosta speaks both Italian and French

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