Visit the Galata Museum in Genoa, the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean

Jul 31, 2018 292

The Galata Museum in Genoa is the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean. Located in what was once the arsenal of the powerful Republic of Genoa, where galleys were built, armed and launched, the museum, inaugurated in 2004, allows the visitor to make a journey through five centuries of maritime history and life, with the chance to visit a reconstructed galley from the 17th century, to go onboard a steamer, or embark on a ship bound for the Americas like early 20th century migrants did.

Maritime history is narrated through the four ages of navy history: oars and galleys, sail and vessels, steam and steamships, cruise ships and migrations. The ground floor displays the history of the port of Genoa, with its protagonists and symbols, such as the reconstructed galley, and a portrait of Christopher Columbus.

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