Volleyball - Italvolley's fairytale 2022! Sixth gold in six different youth championships

Sep 27, 2022 173

Italy overcame Poland and won 'yet another European gold medal. This is the 6th gold won by the Italian national teams in all six youth European Championships played from July to date: an incredible result, certifying the quality of the great Azzurro volleyball movement. If we add to these successes those centered by men's Italvolley and women's Italvolley in the 2021 (senior) European Championships, Italy is currently the holder of 8 European titles out of 10.

All of this confirms a movement that literally sets a school, not only because it has the opportunity to draw from an incredible catchment area: the work of the Italian Volleyball Federation, also and especially at the youth level, should be taken as an example by many other bodies called upon to manage different team sports.

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