'We can't tolerate it': Italian authorities seize 'unauthorised' Prosecco-flavoured Pringles

Oct 21, 2019 265

Some 250 packs of the offending crisps were confiscated by an Italian anti-food-fraud squad in the Prosecco-producing Conegliano area, after authorities said Pringles had used the Prosecco name without permission. 

"Identity theft cannot be allowed," Agricultural Policy Minister Teresa Bellanova told Italian media, explaining that the objectionable snacks, produced by a Dutch company and sold across Europe, made use of protected wine names “without authorisation from the Consortium". Prosecco has been a protected name since being granted DOC (denomination of controlled origin) status in 2009, which means it can be used only with permission from the region’s consortium of producers.

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SOURCE: https://www.thelocal.it

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