What The Heck Are Wine Biscuits?

Jun 10, 2016 473

Wine glass. Wine tasting. Wine bottle opener. Wine biscuits. Wait, what now? Yeah, so it turns out there's a thing called "wine biscuits." It's not a term for the super dry, generally flavorless palate-cleansing crackers served at wine tastings. Wine biscuits are an Italian specialty, a Rhode Island regional treat, and now, apparently, the subject of some litigation.

Before we get to the law, first, per Seinfeld, lets look to the cookie. Or biscuit. Really it's kind of a hybrid. Even though they're called "biscuits," wine biscuits are actually a little bit sweet—though they shouldn't goose your sweet tooth the way a sugar cookie does. Made with red wine, oil, sugar, and a bunch of flour, they can end up with a super subtle purple-ish hue, and they're often twisted into a little ring.

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Source: http://vinepair.com/

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