Who Invented Pizza?

May 08, 2019 436


How was pizza invented? Who invented pizza? Like so many questions regarding the invention of objects, this question is more difficult to answer then it would first appear. From what historians know, while people have been eating pizza-like foods for a fair number of centuries, what we currently think of as pizza was created less than 200 years ago, allegedly created by Raffaele Esposito around 1889. Let’s take a deeper dive into the creation of pizza and explore its likely origins.

The Long History Of Pizza
While not pizza as we conceive of it today, people have been eating pizza-like foods for thousands of years. Italian and French archaeologists operating in Sardinia found evidence of bread baked around 7000 years ago, and the evidence suggests that the bread was leavened. Around the sixth century BCE, the soldiers of Persian King Darius the First would create flatbreads topped with dates and cheese. 

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SOURCE: https://sciencetrends.com

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