Wine, etc.: Discovering some obscure Italian wines for you to enjoy

Mar 29, 2024 972

BY: Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr

Italy, the world’s largest wine-producing country, is home to a plethora of grape varieties. The Italian government has authorized more than 350 grape varieties for commercial grape production out of about 500 varieties grown there. Compare this to the second-largest grape growing country in the world (France), where about 60 grape varieties are commercially grown.

Two of the more obscure red Italian grape varieties are lagrein and schiava. Mention these grapes to most wine consumers, even Italian wine aficionados, and you can expect a blank stare. Grown in Trentino in northeastern Italy, this area is better known for the ubiquitous, usually bargain priced slaker of thirsts, pinot grigio.

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