“Wine Lover’s Index”, Italy is the perfect destination for wine lovers from all over the world

Jan 13, 2022 208

What are the best and worst destinations for wine lovers? This is the question posed by Bounce, a luggage storage company present in 1,000 cities around the world and therefore capable of providing an all-round view of global wine tourism, which analyzed 5 key aspects - average wine consumption, average production, area under vines, number of wine tours, cost of a bottle of wine - of 25 countries around the world, summarised in a weighted score, the “Wine Lover’s Index”.

At the top, with 8.28 points out of 10, is Italy, “home” to some of the oldest production in the world, some of the most famous in the Veneto, between Venice and Verona, two destinations much loved by wine lovers and others. According to Bounce, this is due to the more than 400 native varieties cultivated, which translate into the right wine for every palate, as well as to the supremacy of production in terms of quantity and a great variety of products - and therefore prices - accessible to all.

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SOURCE: https://winenews.it

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