Wine-Searcher: Conterno’s Monfortino, Soldera and Roagna, the top three most expensive Italian wines

Aug 12, 2022 223

When we write about the iconic labels of Italian wine, we usually talk about them — rather unjustly — as mostly investment wines, quoted on the Liv-ex indices, and then we almost forget to uncork the bottles and enjoy the wine. Fortunately, though, a good number of Italy’s top brand wines end up in the wineries and on the tables of wine lovers around the world, purchased in a wine shop or online.

The prices of these wines are in line with those of the secondary fine wine market, and Liv-ex, but not always. The “Wine-Searcher” Top Ten, instead, (updated yesterday, ed.), ranks the most expensive Italian wines, by averaging the online prices of the different vintages on the market. The ranking rewards the great classic wines and the tradition of top denominations linked to Italy’s excellent native wines. 

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