Alessandra Palazzotti and her Italian Delegation at the Special Olympics in L.A.

Aug 08, 2015 431

by Valerio Viale

The 2015 Special Olympics World Games, hosted in Los Angeles from July 25 to August 2, is the largest sports and humanitarian event worldwide this year and the single biggest event in Los Angeles since the 1984 Olympic Games, with 6,500 athletes and 2,000 coaches, along with 30,000 volunteers and an estimated 500,000 spectators in attendance. Every two years, "special" athletes from all over the globe come together to compete at the Games, and to show us the true meaning of courage, joy, and perseverance.

Italy has taken part in the prestigious event with a delegation, made of 143 people: 101 athletes, 39 coaches, and 3 delegates. I had the chance to chat briefly with the Head of the Italian Delegation, Alessandra Palazzotti, who made a 100% commitment to the cause, as much as our athletes and everyone involved in the organization did.

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