Carlo Fierens: "A Guitar at the Opera"

Feb 27, 2019 1140

From Thursday, March 07, 2019 to Monday, March 11, 2019. Organized by Riverside Community College, Ventura Guitar Society, University of Southern Nevada and Casa Italiana, Desert Oasis High School. In collaboration with : Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles. Entrance: Free

As a part of his "A guitar at the Opera" series, guitarist Carlo Fierens will hold some concerts in several South-West locations: March 7: Riverside Community College, Riverside (CA), 8 PM, "A guitar at the Opera"; March 8: Ventura Guitar Society, Camarillo (CA), 8 PM, "A guitar at the Opera"; March 10: University of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas (NV), 5 PM, solo concert "A guitar at the Opera" - organized by Casa Italiana; March 11: Desert Oasis High School, Las Vegas (NV), workshop and presentation to students


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