Neapolitan Passion Fuels an Unforgettable Night at the Viva L’Italia Gala in San Francisco

Jun 20, 2013 1208

by Mauro Battocchi

For those who may have forgotten the meaning of Italian passion, the Viva L'Italia Gala event at the Fairmont Hotel this past Saturday served as an enthralling reminder. The energy and joy in the room was palpable, as guests enjoyed an ardent performance in support of Naples and bringing the Teatro di San Carlo to San Francisco this October for the Concert of the Two Bays, an epic performance of Verdi's Requiem together with the San Francisco Opera Company on the celebrated composer's 200th birthday. The Gala was chaired by Romana Bracco and Daniela Faggioli, with Maria Manetti Shrem as honorary chair.

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Fonte: San Francisco, Italy

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