Paolo Sorrentino: an American cinematheque retrospective

Dec 05, 2021 577

From December 9 to December 13. Locations: AERO THEATRE - 1328 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403; LOS FELIZ THEATRE - 1822 N Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027. Co-presented by Cinecittà. Few Italian filmmakers since Fellini have paired sumptuous visual style with piquant social commentary as effectively as Paolo Sorrentino, who also brings a barbed sense of humor to the table that’s uniquely his own.

Since moving from shorts and screenwriting to helming features in the new millennium, the Naples-born writer-director has been a favorite at Cannes – and throughout the cinema world since his breakthrough Oscar winner THE GREAT BEAUTY. Among the secrets of Sorrentino’s success is the creative team he has assembled over the years, most prominent among them Toni Servillo.

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