IA To Tee It Up This Week For 50th Time

Jun 10, 2021 447

BY: Scott Kindberg

The first committee was convened to consider a possible celebration event to honor the heritage handed to us by our forefathers. The committee was asked to consider a golf tournament as a possible activity to communicate the theme. They were unanimous in their response that a golf tournament of this magnitude would never fly, especially in our geographic area — a crazy idea.

The late Samuel Restivo Sr. stewed about that contrarian view described above for two weeks a half-century ago, but he wasn’t about to let the dream die. So another committee was formed. The crew included Mike Guinta, Jim Barone, Anthony Brigiotta, Cappy Caprino, Phil DeMarco, Robert Enserro, Gino Micciche, Joe Mistretta, Angelo Munella, Jack Munella, Joe Restivo and Anthony Tuccio. Restivo was the chairman.

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SOURCE: https://www.post-journal.com

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