Screening of "Tell it like a woman" presented by producer Chiara Tilesi

Mar 23, 2023 214

On March 21, at 6 p.m., at the historic Avalon Theatre in the U.S. capital, the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington organized a screening of producer Chiara Tilesi's film "Tell It Like a Woman," as part of the initiatives dedicated to Women's History Month.

"An Italian film in Washington that tells with such passion and realism the great capacity of women to create and foster social change around them," Italian Ambassador Mariangela Zappia commented at the opening. "Change that women inspire in all areas, from culture to education, science to politics and diplomacy: investing in women is not only necessary, as this film shows, but is 'the smart thing to do.'"

The screening was then introduced by Chiara Tilesi, Italian director and co-producer of "Tell it like a woman." Her work aims to encourage social change through filmmaking and art, as well as through the nonprofit production company "We Do It Together," of which she is a founder.

The film presents an anthology of seven short women's stories. In each, the protagonists face different challenges with determination and courage, putting themselves to the test and becoming agents of change in society. The touching episodes are partly inspired by actual events. "Tell it like a woman" was nominated for the 2023 Academy Award for Best Original Song with "Applause," written by Diane Warren and sung by Sofia Carson.

SOURCE: Italian Embassy in Washington DC

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