Who Is Stephen Bisciotti And How'd He Get Rich Enough To Own The Baltimore Ravens?

Jan 10, 2014 2197

by Amy Lamare

In February 2013 the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII in the Harbaugh Bowl that pitted head coaches John and Jim, real life brothers, against each other for the NFL's ultimate prize. When the clock ran out, John Harbaugh and the Ravens emerged victorious. Another big winner on the day was 53 year old Ravens owner Stephen Bisciotti. The huge gambles he made as owner had finally paid off.

Big time. But who is Stephen Bisciotti and how did he make the billions required to own a major professional sports franchise? Where did he get the nerve to step in and make what were considered at the time, shocking hires (namely coach John Harbaugh) and then sit back and trust his vision to play out into victory?

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Source: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/

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