The Milwaukee Brewers are now property of Mike Zunino

Mar 23, 2018 655

BY: Isabelle Minasian

“It’s rare that he hits a cheap one.” - Mike on Mike appreciation from Blowers. Thirty four minutes later, he did it again. And then thirty two minutes after that he did it yet again. In the top of the bottom of the eighth inning he took pity on Nick Ramirez, who’d just entered, the game, and only knocked a line drive single into center. Perhaps it was a moment of solidarity, one Good Dog Dad to another.

Now, I’m certainly not a property law expert, but am fairly sure that all of this means that Mike Zunino is the new owner of the Milwaukee Brewers. Arizona’s a weird state, with weird rules, what can I say? If his offensive displays weren’t enough, Zunino had a great throw to nab Hernan Perez at second, and Italian nanas all over the country shook their bony index fingers righteously at the statistics that say his defense is in decline.

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