Momenti Musicali: Ferenc Liszt and Francesco Petrarca

Apr 01, 2021 355

April 18 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT. Music and literature have always been related to each other. Many composers have been inspired by literary works for their compositions. With Momenti Musicali musicians and actors work together to accompany you on a fantastic journey through notes and words. The musicians will play the pieces linked to the literary passages that will be read in Italian and in English.

Organized by the Dante Alighieri society of Massachusetts in collaboration with Dante Alighieri Society – Michigan Chapter. The third event of the series Momenti Musicali will have as protagonists the composer Ferenc Liszt and the poet Francesco Petrarca. With pianist Luana Struppa. Actors: Viviana Dragani and Steve Dooner.

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