One-man Sicilian family tale to baptize new Wild Oscar's performance space at Akron Civic Theatre

Jan 14, 2022 589

BY: Kerry Clawson

Stage and film actor Steven Scionti, and his wife, producer Kimberly A. Ray, decided 2½ years ago to leave behind the hustle, bustle and expense of Los Angeles and move to Kimberly's native Northeast Ohio to settle down for a quieter life. The couple now lives in Uniontown, close to where Kimberly, whose maiden name is Read, grew up in Green.

After a 30-year performance career, Scionti, 58, wanted to teach, perform, direct and choreograph in Northeast Ohio. "It was just too expensive. It was just too insane," Scionti said of their Los Angeles burnout. "I wanted to segue into teaching anyway."

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