Revel in Opera Modo’s ‘La Gioconda’ at The War Memorial

Nov 09, 2019 367

BY: David Kiley

Sometimes you leave a theater thinking to yourself: “Wow. I just saw something very special that I will never forget.” Such was the case watching Opera Modo perform La Gioconda at the The War Memorial in Gross Pointe Farms. This opera company, which has been surprising and delighting audiences big and small for a few years now, has blown the doors off of what people who love theater and opera expect when they see opera in Detroit.

First, Executive Director Danielle Wright is a master at choosing venues to perform, whether it is the rawness of the JamHandy space in Detroit to this historic venue on Lake St. Claire. She chose this venue because the opera takes part on the sea and at times on a ship. She is choosing more site-specific venues for the rest of her season.

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