The Vince Chiarelli Band Continues a Rich Musical Legacy with the New Album "Under the Mediterranean Moon"

Feb 09, 2024 1643

Seasoned musician Vince Chiarelli, who carries the torch of a musical heritage dating back to his grandfather, Vince Chiarelli, a Sicilian immigrant and founder of Vincent Records & Vincent Chiarelli Publishing Co, announces the release of a new album, "Under the Mediterranean Moon." This latest work is a heartfelt tribute to the Italian and Latin melodies passed down through generations, now infused with modern flair and rhythmic innovation.

Chiarelli's close bond with his grandfather not only fostered his musical talents but also instilled a profound appreciation for traditional Italian and Sicilian songs. Since his grandfather's passing a decade ago, The Vince Chiarelli Band has been dedicated to bringing Vince Chiarelli's original compositions and Italian-American classics to life, performing across the country and imbuing each performance with the soul of his family's legacy.

The album's title track, originally a waltz penned by Chiarelli’s grandfather, has been transformed into a Bossa Nova by The Vince Chiarelli Band, blending the romantic serenade of Italian nights with Latin rhythms. This innovative style, which the band dubs "Flamenco Italiano," aims to reignite the passion for Italian music with a fresh and contemporary twist.

Joining Vince Chiarelli on this album are longtime bandmates Frank Calvagna on lead guitar and Tim Austin on drums, whose expertise and artistry have been integral to the band's sound for over a decade. "Under the Mediterranean Moon" features an eclectic mix of original songs by Vince Chiarelli and beloved classics, such as "Bésame Mucho," "Mambo Italiano," “Roma Nun Fa’ La Stupida Stasera,” and "Sabor a Mí," all arranged to evoke the ambiance of a Mediterranean escapade.

Listeners are invited to be transported to a vibrant café in Italy or Spain, lost in the romance and allure of dance. With the strum of guitars, the groove of bass and drums, and the distinctive rhythms of Latin percussion, "Under the Mediterranean Moon" is more than an album—it's a sensory journey across cultures and time.

"Under the Mediterranean Moon" will be available on 2/14/24 on all major streaming platforms and for purchase at

Visit to hear clips of songs on the album.

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