Annual Tuscan car show to be held this weekend

Aug 10, 2018 779

On Aug. 12, Tuscan Brands will host the sixth annual Concorso Italiano car show at its flagship location in Salem. Hosted by Tuscan Brands founder and owner, Joe Faro, the automobile showcase will feature European luxury cars including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, McLarens and Maseratis, which will be on display at the Tuscan Village Piazza, the grounds between Tuscan Kitchen and Tuscan Market.

With signature Italian cuisine and live music, car enthusiasts and owners from all over New England come together over their shared passion. While showing off their pride and joy rides and admiring the prized hardware of other auto aficionados, Tuscan Brand’s signature event delivers an al fresco showroom of the best in classic, vintage and specialty automobiles from across the region.

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