Fundraiser: Italian American club of Walpole

May 27, 2018 755

The Italian American club of Walpole has promoted the celebration of Italian American culture since its founding in 1921.  The club is located at 109 Stone St. in Walpole, Massachusetts, and operates a banquet hall with a capacity for 98 people. The club also has four professional bocce courts, a member’s lounge, kitchen and outdoor sitting area for watching bocce matches.

Like many older cultural and community clubs, we are struggling to stay alive. 4 years ago, a construction accident on the street in front of the club ruptured a sewer line. The sewage backed up into the basement of the club causing over $250,000 in damages. While the insurance company and the town eventually made restitution for the damages, nearly 30% of the settlement went to lawyer’s fees. A few years passed between the accident and the settlement, during that time, the club was forced to dip into savings to pay the bills. 

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