The Italian Chicks in Boston

Sep 27, 2022 227

BY: Maryann Maisano

The Italian Chicks comedy & Variety Show will be performing at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA. October 14 ,2022 – 8pm Showtime Tickets are available here. The Italian Chicks always offer a special reduced promo discount code for all, Italian American Organizations and well as Police, First Responders, EMT & all organizations that support and grow the community. Promo code is 1014.

THE ITALIAN CHICKS is a two-hour comedy & variety show that takes you back to a time and place when life was simpler, and culture and traditions were respected and honored. This show is a blend of comedy, music, storytelling and a little bit of dancing. You don’t have to Italian to love this show, you just have to have a dysfunctional family.

Who attends the shows? The entire family! From the Matriarch down to the 3rd cousin. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this a “girls’ night out” – you just might meet your next husband there!

The shows move forward into 2020 revamped and all new with a rotating cast so you never know whatcha gonna get, kind of like a cocktail hour at an Italian Wedding. Get your tickets early and join us for a night of laughs,crazymaking, song, music and more. You can purchase your tickets at the theatre website or at 

THE ITALIAN CHICKS will make you remember things you paid your shrink to forget! More than just a comedy show! The Italian Chicks were endorsed by Danny Aiello up until his passing in 2019.Do ya love him, Loretta? Ya Ma, I love him awful! RIP Danny aka Johnny Cammareri :)

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