A Truro Bocce Ball Tradition Continues

Sep 13, 2021 319


If there’s a red flag with a “B” waving in front of Maria Redo’s house off Old County Road on Sunday, it means there will be a bocce game that day. For 31 years, the Redos have been hosting bocce at their summer home here for family, friends, and neighbors. At first, the games were on Wednesdays and Sundays, but as the years went on and life got in the way, bocce became a strictly Sunday tradition.

Maria, who is of Italian descent, is 96 now. She has been playing the game ever since she was a child on Manhattan’s East Side. “I grew up with a bocce ball court at my parents’ house,” she says. “I knew bocce.” Her father built a summer house in Westchester County in 1930. It had a bocce court.

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SOURCE: https://provincetownindependent.org/

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