IAP 117 : “Hey, I Grew Up This Freaky Way Too…Let's Laugh About It” A Conversation with “Rocco the Comic”

Nov 19, 2019 188

Rocco Deserto isn’t blaming his mother for making him nuts… he’s just revealing the humor behind his first generation Italian American upbringing! This week, Rossella and John are joined by the man known to the world as Rocco the Comic, and this triumvirate of Brooklyn Italians is setting out to understand why it feels so good when we Italian Americans can laugh at ourselves.

They’ll discuss the roots of Rocco’s comedy career, and how his uniquely Italian American experience evolved into one of the funniest acts in Italian America.  How finding a gift for an Italian parent is a no-win situation, and why the best home goods are the ones you stole from an Alitalia flight.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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