Måneskin is ready to rock Global Citizen Festival, ‘antiquated’ VMA nipple censors be damned

Sep 24, 2022 302

BY: Chuck Arnold

Måneskin had a nude awakening when they showed a little too much skin at the MTV Video Music Awards last month. During the Italian rock band’s thumping performance of “Supermodel,” bassist Victoria De Angelis’ top fell off, causing her breast to be fully exposed and MTV censors to strangely cut away to empty seats for about 40 seconds. 

Meanwhile, lead singer Damiano David bared his chest — as well as his buns — while rocking assless leather chaps. “I wasn’t wearing a shirt, so it’s a bit antiquated that showing a woman’s nipples should be any different from showing a man’s,” he told The Post. Still, Måneskin is hoping there’s no repeat wardrobe malfunction when they hit the stage on the Great Lawn of Central Park at the annual Global Citizen Festival on Saturday.

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SOURCE: https://nypost.com

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