Netflix is de-aging Little Italy to 1975 this weekend in honor of The Irishman

Nov 21, 2019 876

You've read Martin Scorsese's take on Marvel movies. You've argued about it. You've even watched the Cats trailer (maybe a few times, in stupefied silence). But have you seen The Irishman yet? Come on, people. Not only do we recommend it, but we know that three-and-a-half hours isn't a big deal to you, say when it comes to committing to The Crown or whatever. It's Marty and you're a New Yorker. Consider it homework.

Today, Netflix released a new trailer for The Irishman and it's extremely well-done, glancing on much of the complexity of the film: the violence, guilt and recrimination of mob life. But nothing will bring you into the universe better than what Netflix has planned this weekend for Little Italy. On Friday and Saturday from 9am to 7pm, the streaming service will be taking over five blocks of the neighborhood and back-dating them to August 1, 1975, the day after Jimmy Hoffa was reported missing.

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