Netflix has transformed Little Italy for The Irishman and they're giving away tons of free stuff

Nov 23, 2019 725

BY: Adam Goldman

Have you seen The Irishman? You know, the new Scorsese movie about the mafia? The three-and-a-half hour one? Neither have I. But I did check out Netflix's big-budget marketing stunt for the movie, and I have to admit it was kiiinda awesome. It's not Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, but honestly? It's not far off.

As previously reported, Netflix has "de-aged" a chunk of Little Italy to 1975 for part of this weekend, much like the film's stars were digitally de-aged in the movie. Sidebar: can we come up with a better term than "de-aged?" Because it seems like this is coming up a lot this days. The upshot of this is that there's a bunch of fun, weird stuff going on in that part of town and you should probably check it out. Especially if you like free stuff. 

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