The rise of bocce; where you can play on Staten Island

Aug 22, 2019 510

BY: Carol Ann Benanti

Say the word “bocce” and it evokes images of old-time Italians playing on courts in quaint towns of their native country as they test their mettle against the “pallina” – or the bocce ball. Perhaps the ultimate representation of Italian culture, it’s believed that in ancient Rome soldiers were the first to play bocce, inasmuch as the game provided a pleasant distraction from the perils of war and helped keep soldiers entertained.

Historically Italian, there are still some who attest that the age-old sport was derived years earlier and originated in other countries. But that was then. Fast forward to today’s “bocce boom,” and young adults are playing Italy’s hottest sport on these shores and beyond. What’s more, they’re staging “bocce bashes” — meet and greets, mixers and all types of competitions.

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