Who is Ben DiNucci and Did He Become America’s Hero Tonight?

Nov 03, 2020 229


With a name like Ben DiNucci you would think he is made to be a character from the Sopranos but apparently he is the Cowboys third string QB who made his debut against the Eagles tonight. He set the world on fire with his crazy side arm through (it was an incomplete pass) and his name alone had everyone going crazy but the real question is who is he?

He seems like a stand up guy and someone who is certainly easy to root for unfortunately for him he plays for the Cowboys so America is obligated to root against him. He is an Italian hero though so I feel after tonight he gained a huge following on social media that is if he has any. What a ride tonight was for him even in a lose he started for the Dallas Cowboys he will tell everyone that for the rest of his life which is pretty cool.

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SOURCE: https://prosportsextra.com

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