Lady Gaga Joins U2 for ‘Shallow’ and Other Duets at Las Vegas’ Sphere

Oct 28, 2023 14593

BY: Chris Willman

U2 found what they were looking for in a duet partner Wednesday night at Sphere in Las Vegas, as Lady Gaga joined the group for duets on one of her songs, “Shallow,” and two of theirs, “All I Want Is You” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

Bono introduced his fellow leather-jacketed guest as “the most audacious, vivacious woman in any room she’s ever in. Would you welcome to our turntable, the divine — the divinyl! — Lady Gaga.” He wasn’t done praising her divinity. “Take it to the Elvis chapel!” exulted Bono in a breakdown in the middle of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” — further telling his duet partner, “You are the vestal virgin of Las Vegas!”

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