We The Italians | IT and US: Project HOPE, a Student and Veteran Art Collaboration to Honor Texas Soldiers

IT and US: Project HOPE, a Student and Veteran Art Collaboration to Honor Texas Soldiers

IT and US: Project HOPE, a Student and Veteran Art Collaboration to Honor Texas Soldiers

  • WTI Magazine #157 Nov 18, 2022
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The Bee Cave Arts Foundation 501(3)(c) has embarked on an extraordinary collaboration with Paestum, Italy. Paestum was the first landing location on the continent of Europe   by the Texas 36th Infantry Division, who along with allied forces, led the invasion to liberate Italy from the Nazi regime in WWII.

Selected American and Italian student and veteran artwork will be a permanent part of a memorial sculpture created by Franco Palmentieri commemorating this important turning point in history. The students and veterans have been challenged to create art inspired by hope, peace, brotherhood, freedom, democracy, tolerance, or inclusion to commemorate the American troops of the Texas 36th Infantry Division.

It will also memorialize all those who lost their lives during the war. In addition to the artwork embedded in the sculpture, their uplifting artwork will line the path along the beach that leads to the sculpture.

Everyone involved in the collaboration will receive historical information and videos that describe the Project Avalanche landing in 1943. Our goal is to help students learn and reinforce with veterans the importance of the role that the Texas military forces played in eliminating Nazi dictatorship and securing freedom for all countries involved in World War II, particularly in Italy. Participants will embrace the importance of arts, culture, and collaboration across different nationalities. 

From March 2nd -31st, 2023, all the art will be exhibited at the Bee Cave Arts Foundation Gallery, in Bee Cave, Texas. From that exhibit, pieces will be selected to be permanently integrated into the 30 ft sculpture, designed by Franco Palmentieri, and the walking path.

The dedication of the sculpture will occur September 9, 2023, in Paestum, Italy to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Operation Avalanche. Selected student and veteran artists will receive an invitation to attend the dedication to honor our Texas military. Additionally, they will learn the history of how the ancient Greek civilizations influenced the culture of today’s Italy. 

We encourage community involvement and support for this project to send a positive message of HOPE for the arts, the importance of history, and engage in a cultural exchange for our children and veterans. Please visit our website for more project information, to donate, or become a Sponsor.