We The Italians | Italian Design: Qeeboo's Design Connection for Campari Soda

Italian Design: Qeeboo's Design Connection for Campari Soda

Italian Design: Qeeboo's Design Connection for Campari Soda

  • WTI Magazine #163 May 20, 2023
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The Salone del Mobile in Milan represents an event of global significance, a prestigious international showcase for the Design industry. The 2023 edition, held on April 18-23, was a great success and saw an extraordinary effervescence of initiatives, with hundreds of events between Business and Art, Design and Culture.

Let’s take for example, among the numerous projects, the initiative that brought together Campari, the iconic aperitif brand, and Queeboo, a young design company, in a stimulating partnership.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, the two realities joined forces, giving rise to an extraordinary collaboration, Qeeboo's Design Connection for Campari Soda, from which four creations emerged, characterized by the juxtaposition of usually very distant objects.

First, the "Giraffe in Love" lamp, with a chandelier made using Campari Soda bottles. Then, the "Sweet Brother Tom" lamp, which is part of the "Sweet Brothers" family of characters designed by Stefano Giovannoni, revisited with the color red and the Campari Soda logo, evoking the iconic cap.

In addition, the "Turtle Carry Drinks" vase/glacette holder, an object-turtle designed by Marcantonio, which can hold ice to cool Campari Soda bottles in the glacette placed on the carapace, enhancing its color through internal LED lighting.

Finally, the iconic "Rabbit," which was decorated for the occasion with graphics by illustrator Alice Hoffmann, featuring brightly colored stylings inspired by the Campari Soda bottle.

A vocation for Design and a passion for Design Connections has accompanied the Campari brand since its origins.

As early as 1932, in fact, founder Davide Campari, a great lover of art, created the first single-serving aperitif in history and asked futurist Fortunato Depero to design the unmistakable bottle in the shape of an inverted goblet.

According to Andrea Ceccarini, Marketing Director of Campari, "The synergy with Stefano Giovannoni and his team was immediate and led to the creation of the Qeeboo Design Connection for Campari Soda. A collaboration that focuses on the "fusion" of the two worlds: on the one hand the originality and attention to detail of the iconic objects of the design brand and on the other the iconic small bottle and red that distinguish Campari Soda and evoke the conviviality of the moment of the aperitif, with a pop and innovative soul."

"Each product object of the collection has had its own design evolution," explained Stefano Giovannoni, designer and founder of Qeeboo. "Qeeboo's four icons represent part of our company history, having played a key role in the imagination of our customers. The union with Campari Soda has allowed us to connote them, showing sides of them hitherto unknown. The capsule collection, which includes Rabbit Editions, Giraffe in Love, TurtleCarry Drinks and SweetBrother Tom, was an ideal natural selection for us to combine our DNA with the identity values of Campari Soda and its bottles."

The Queboo Design Connection for Campari Soda represents a truly interesting and emblematic experience, an admirable fusion of the most traditional and the most contemporary Made in Italy, an extraordinary contamination between Brand and Design.