We The Italians | KEFA, an Italian story. Friends, not clients, for us at We the Italians

KEFA, an Italian story. Friends, not clients, for us at We the Italians

KEFA, an Italian story. Friends, not clients, for us at We the Italians

  • WTI Magazine #163 May 20, 2023
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Dear friends and readers of We The Italians we find ourselves in this space of ours sharing our time talking once again about TIME and the signs that this eternal companion of ours gives us. To fuel our reflections we will be in the company of Carmelo Caruso and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo founders of the Italian brand KEFA.

After recounting the birth of this company, their exclusive products and the anecdotes that have characterized their journey, we would like to share with you, together with the founders, the reason for our choice and the reasons why their project and their exclusive products seemed to us worthy of a story and analysis that could be offered to all of you.

Let us start from a common thread that in our opinion unites us: the willingness of the KEFA company to build its entire project on an array of values to be communicated. Values that, recognized by a large group of people, could become a solid foundation and a driving force for an entrepreneurial project.

In this entrepreneurial idea our friends Gianluigi and Carmelo put, with the tenacity and warmth that distinguishes them as men from the deep south, all their dreams, their passions and their background derived from different professional and life experiences.

It was impossible for us at We the Italians, listening to this story, not to perceive its extraordinariness on the one hand and simple genuineness on the other, such that we read it as a fine example of "evolution of Made in Italy" that could be told to all of you.

Yes, because just today that the "brand ITALY" is a brand worth about 500 bn € a year, we are all aware that just an exhortation to the formula "Made in Italy " is no longer enough to prove the equation Italianity=quality.

In Italy and abroad, what is demanded of a brand, a product and a 'company that proposes itself to the general public is a set of characteristics that goes far beyond the simple concept of "Italianness." Both abroad and at home what makes ideas, projects and products successful are all those contents that enrich and convey an emotion that comes before anything else.

The first to perceive the emotions of this entrepreneurial project and the will of Gianluigi and Carmelo to transmit with Petrus a message of uniqueness, solidarity and positivity were precisely the Vatican Authorities, who positively evaluated the initiative and exclusively granted the founders of KEFA the use of the coat of arms of the Vatican City State and the personal coat of arms of Pope Francis.

Wanting to put in that "time," which is common to all, a message of history and tradition that each of us can write and pass on to future generations through our actions and lives, was the key. This is how time from an abstract and inalienable concept took shape for Carmelo and Gianluigi by shaping itself into the Petrus timepiece.

The concept of time flowing, being told and passed on, in the minds of KEFA's founders is, in those moments when life asks us to leave a special mark, a time that can be written!

Here it is that in a super-technological world these reflections that come from the heart from the soul push Gianluigi and Carmelo to produce after the Petrus timepiece their first writing instrument: The Emblema fountain pen.

An instrument that was born thanks to the work of skilled artisans from Campania region who, through the goldsmith's technique of lost wax and the hand-turning of special resins, create one by one the Emblema fountain pens in gold and silver.

In a short period of time, precisely because of the characteristics we have told you about KEFA, our friends Carmelo and Gianluigi made their way around the world from Rome to New York, passing through Miami, Washington and Singapore, where is more and more growing the community of admirers and customers who in these products and above all in these elements find a part of themselves: history, style, class, Italian-ness.

In 2022 KEFA was our sponsor at the first We The Italians Gala Dinner in the prestigious setting of the club of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We are on the verge of our prestigious We The Italians Gala 2023 which will be held next June 12 at the same location; it will be a wonderful opportunity to introduce you to the founders of KEFA who will once again be with us and it will be a special occasion to admire their Creations up close.

Our friends at Kefa wanted to grant a unique and exceptional gift to us at We the Italians and to all our readers. Those who want to invest, after reading all the features that make it a unique item, in the purchase of a "Petrus" watch, will be given a silver "Emblema silver" pen: this gift, exclusively for our readers, is worth $1,050. At checkout, adding the code WTI will automatically add a free "Emblem Silver" pen for each "Petrus" watch placed in your cart, exclusively for you. Here you will find the exceptional characteristics and prices of these three items: the "Petrus" watch (for men, here; and for women, here); the "Emblema Aurum" gold pen; and the "Emblema Silver" silver pen. We at We the Italians are proud to be able to partner up and offer these unique and inimitable Made in Italy items of the highest quality, and with a huge gift just for our readers. Believe me: you will thank us if you choose them.