We The Italians | KEFA, an Italian story. The Value of Time

KEFA, an Italian story. The Value of Time

KEFA, an Italian story. The Value of Time

  • WTI Magazine #159 Jan 21, 2023
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Today we are telling you a all-Italian story in which we glimpsed all those elements that were imbued in the stories of our loved ones, our grandparents and all those people who with courage, spirit of innovation, imagination and trust set off towards new worlds to build new opportunities, taking their dreams and affections with them.

This is a modern-day story that starts from far away and has its roots in a world of symbols and values that time has the task of preserving and handing down. An Italian story that comes from the soul of two people, the story of a unique project, an entrepreneurial adventure made of emotions, strong ideals and certainties.

A project that is the offspring of the life experiences of the two founders, who grew up in simple and humble families in Southern Italy characterized by a strong Catholic spirit and deep unity, which destiny made intertwine unite and mix skillfully.

This is the story of Kefa - a word that in ancient Aramaic translated both the word "Peter" and "stone" - a company that in choosing its name was inspired by the name by which Jesus called the apostle Simon. But also Kefa as "stone," the primary element of a new construction. (1)

So it was by borrowing this ancient Aramaic word that Carmelo Caruso and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo named their watch brand, creating their first timepiece called Petrus. (2)

Petrus becomes, in name and in fact, the cornerstone of a project where a great passion for watchmaking and a love of Italian style is combined with the desire to send a message to do good and with the conviction that entrepreneurship and solidarity can coexist and be self-sustaining.

And that is why the company is committed to allocating part of its revenues to the charitable activities of the STOQ Science and Faith Foundation.

There is a strong desire to look not only at profit, but at all those values that in our hectic world seem to escape even time, such as the richness of being and relationships, that from the earliest moments this project was born with the search for an object that has the strength and ability to characterize a certain group of individuals, united by the same values.

"Fantasy has no boundaries ... as the desire to express oneself. The continuous search for anything that can express what we are characterizes our choices, our ideas and our daily living. Our roots, our deepest ties, our goals are the journey between past, present and future that we undertake in the TIME of life."

The thought goes to an object with a simple and classic style capable of conveying, along with the concept of "eternity," important values in which people would recognize themselves. Hence the spark to think of the only thing historically born precisely because of the desire to chase the concept of "eternity" and, at the same time, because of the need to measure the only truly eternal thing that is time: and what better object than a watch?

But what was missing to close the circle? What was missing was the symbolism that had the task of expressing and characterizing a concept and idea that was an integral part of the lives of our two characters: goodness, solidarity, and eternity, values that with the passage of time do not pass away rather they strengthen.

What symbology to draw inspiration from, in order to represent the importance of an array of values to be passed on expressed with simplicity and clarity without excessive frills? The inspiration comes from one of the most charismatic figures of our time, a man of our time, the highest representative of all those values that have been handed down for millennia: The Holy Father, Pope Francis. Hence the spark, which occurred almost by chance, to create "a watch inspired by the Pope."

And it was with these philological characteristics that the design phase of the PETRUS object was undertaken. This was the beginning, followed by the presentation of the entire project to the Holy See in order to obtain authorization from the Vatican Authorities for the exclusive use of the emblems of the Holy Father and the Vatican City State.

The project, born from the simple will of two people to make the concept of business walk together with that of solidarity, finds in the midst of the pandemic period, to the no small surprise of the two founders, the acceptance of the Vatican Secretariat of State and His Holiness Pope Francis.

On January 22, 2020, the official communication from the Secretariat of State arrives with the authorization to use the emblems and, what was little more than a dream, in the souls of the two founders becomes a reality. (3)

We the Italians selects very carefully its partners. I personally believe that the added value of KEFA lies in the careful creation of unique objects that, in a perfect artistic style and strictly made in Italy, are enriched with meaning so much that they characterize those who own them. Real works of art that used are capable of arousing great emotions.

KEFA is distinguished by its ability to make classic objects that, in addition to fulfilling their typical function, become "instruments of communication," objects rich in meaning and value, goods to be loved, desired and passed on, accessories of the highest quality to be worn with pride, style and class. (4 + 5).

This is just the beginning of a beautiful story of entrepreneurship, of which in the next articles we would like to present the products and tell you details, anecdotes and ties that, thanks to this project, were born and are now an integral part of it.

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