79 Years of Italian Liberation: Resistance & Remembrance (25 April 2024)

May 04, 2024 618

On April 25th, the Comites of San Francisco honored the 79th Anniversary of Italy’s liberation from Nazifascism and the end of World War II with a special event at the Museo ItaloAmericano in San Francisco, attended by 80+ people. The evening kicked off with a nod to last year’s commemoration at Casa Fugazi.

Maria Fassio Pignati sang “Bella Ciao,” accompanied by an enthusiastic audience joining in to sing along. The program featured a presentation by Professor Douglas Kenning on “The Advent of the Italian Republic: Historical and Political Implications,” alongside personal testimonials. As a special surprise, Franca Bannerman shared her memories of the post-liberation events in Torino. 

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SOURCE: https://www.sfcomites.org

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