96th Italian Community Services annual Gala dinner honoring BAIA

Nov 26, 2012 1156

On November 4, 2012, BAIA will have the honor to be celebrated and recognized by the prestigious Italian Community Services Agency in occasion of their 96th annual gala dinner.
BAIA and the Agency share values and strive to improve the lives and wellbeing of Italian immigrants and Italian-Americans. During the recent years we have witnessed a new influx of Italians transferee and expatriates in the Bay Area. The new immigrants tend to be highly educated students, engineers, managers or entrepreneurs, mostly operating in the technology sector, who come to the Bay Area to pursue career opportunities in technology companies, or to attend graduate school. This immigration is driven in part by the relative lack of technology jobs and innovation in Italy, while the Silicon Valley retains global preeminence as a hub of technology innovation. The new Italian immigrants, thanks to the Internet and social media tools, are well connected and maintain strong ties with Italy.
BAIA supports these individuals by establishing a business network that helps them connecting to their fellow immigrants and creating a business community. However, in some instances, they still face difficulties shared by prior waves of Italian immigrants: language barriers, business culture differences, lack of familiarity with American values and the American way of life, lack of practical know-how about business and social practices in the US, etc. Initiatives like those promoted by the Italian Community Services Agency, which provides information and resources in these areas fulfill a very valuable role today as they did already a century ago.
For more information, visit http://www.italiancommunityservices.org/


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