A Prominent Women in the Community: Bernadette Tarantino

Sep 25, 2013 663

By Andrew Bagley

Bernadette Tarantino likes hot Italian. Her sister Tina prefers sweet Italian. Not just monikers, but actually their favorite sausage.

Pete F. Tarantino served as a GI stationed in England during World War II. He fell in love with a young British woman Lillian Rose Bristow nicknamed Nona. He wanted to marry her but the US government was opposed and Pete was transferred out of London where he saw duty in France and Belgium until the end of the war.

He quickly returned to London reuniting with Nona and the two married. Pete returned to San Diego in 1946 with his new bride. She was one of the first war brides to arrive in America.

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano

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