Come See San Francisco Design Legend Primo Angeli’s Work at the Museo

Dec 12, 2014 636

di Mauro Battocchi

From a delightful exhibit inauguration, which I personally had the pleasure of attending on December 5, 2014, to April 19, 2015, the Museo Italo Americano will exhibit the works of San Francisco design legend, Primo Angeli.

A master of advertising art since the early 1960s, Primo Angeli created innovative branding, packaging, logos and advertising posters for such stellar clients as Boudin Bakery, Ben and Jerry's, Coca-Cola, DHL, Guinness, Robert Mondavi Winery, Tommy's Joynt, Molinari & Sons, Xerox, General Foods, Banana Republic, Levi Strauss and the Oakland A's – to name a few.

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