Genius Loci, how two Italian artists capture the soul of historic sites through art

Feb 24, 2019 814

BY: Serena Perfetto

A unique project, called GENIUS LOCI, made its way to San Francisco and opened with an exhibition at the Museo Italo-Americano on February 7th. The work has been created by two Italian artists, Stefano Forgione and Pino Rossi, who work under the pseudonym of TTOZOI.

Genius Loci, the Latin word for the guardian spirit of a place, was created by TTOZOI and developed under the patronage of Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism (MiBAC). It already took place at two of most known and visited Italian UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Reggia di Caserta and the Archeological Park of Pompeii, as well as at Ghetto Ebraico in Rome.

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