Italian Cultural Center: Tribute to Co-Founder Graziella Spinelli

Jun 16, 2013 786

by Andrew Bagley

Often in life, great things are created by chance. Not the chance found in lady luck, but the chance created by perfect timing and someone; one's decision to open a door and allow another to act out their passion and desire by creating greatness with unexpected and overwhelming results.

Such is the latter with Graziella Spinelli, co-founder of the Italian Cultural Center. Born and raised in Milan, Lombardy, Italy, upon graduating from the University of Bologna, Graziella immigrated to San Diego in 1969. Her desire and passion was language and to teach her native Italian to San Diegans however, she was not met with the same enthusiasm or conviction from the community, as was told there was no interest or request for Italian, Spanish only.

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano

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