Los Angeles, CA: LA's Italian Side (Greetings From Italian America: California Adventures, Pt 3)

Aug 23, 2022 1211

Our adventures through Italian American California continue, as we make our way up the West Coast to the entertainment capital of the world… America’s Dream Factory… the 500 square-mile beacon of Southern California’s timeless allure that is Los Angeles!

From a brief walk through the history of California wine, to one of America’s most unique monuments, to a night out at Hollywood's oldest Italian Restaurant, John, Rossella and Pat (along with some very special guests) are back and ready to serve as your official guides through the 5th largest Italian American community in the country.

There'll be lots of laughs, plenty of food, and some amazing history as we join the millions of people who’ve come to Hollywood hoping to claim their 15 minutes of fame and perhaps our very own star on Hollywood Boulevard!

Presented as a joint project from The Italian American Podcast and The Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ISDA), and in association with Joe Minnella Studios LLC, we present Greetings From Italian America

Join us each month for a fresh look at one of the best parts of this country of ours… the Italian side!

Greetings from Italian America is produced in partnership with the Italian Sons and Daughters of America.

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SOURCE: The Italian American Podcast

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