Michelangelo Infinito | Endless Michelangelo

May 08, 2019 2249

As part of the 2nd edition of Fare Cinema - The Week of Italian Cinema in the World, the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco presents Endless Michelangelo (Michelangelo Infinito), a film by Sky Arte directed by Emanuele Imbucci, with Ivano Marescotti and Enrico Lo Verso. The film is in Italian, with English subtitles. Duration: 100 min., 2018.

Giuseppe Squillaci, VFX Supervisor for Sky Arte, will be joined by Emanuele Lugli, professor of Art History at Stanford University, who will make a brief introduction to the Sistine Chapel.

OUR GUESTGiuseppe Squillaci, VFX supervisor for over 100 films, has organized and directed numerous VFX and animation courses. He currently teaches “3D Graphics and Animation” and “Digital Techniques of Film Production and Post-production” in the Department of Communication Sciences at La Sapienza University of Rome. Professionals trained under his guidance are currently working as Compositors and 3D Artists in Italy and abroad. 

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SOURCE: https://iicsanfrancisco.esteri.it/

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