Piazza Miramare takes shape at 628 Beacon Street in San Pedro

Mar 07, 2024 917

In San Pedro's Little Italy, construction is underway in earnest for a new public plaza steps from the L.A. waterfront. Piazza Miramare, which officially broke ground in late 2022, occupies a site at 6th Street and Harbor Boulevard, adjacent to San Pedro City Hall. The space, which was previously known as Pepper Tree Plaza, is being rebuilt as a more usable area with features such as terrace seating, a new trellis structure to provide shade, and a fountain at its northern end.

The large open area at its center intended to allow Piazza Miramare to serve as community gathering space, potentially hosting live events, farmer's markets, and even a Christmas tree during the holidays. Project backers previously estimate that the plaza will welcome 100,000 visitors in the first year after it opens. Upon opening, the piazza is to be managed and programmed by the Little Italy of Los Angeles Association.

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SOURCE: https://la.urbanize.city

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