Silvia Bottini brings Pinocchio, the wooden boy to Sylmar

Jun 20, 2023 907

Italian actress Silvia Bottini is bringing her show, Pinocchio the Wooden Boy around the LA area, with the next date in Sylmar, on Saturday 24. The play has been produced by the Italian Consulate in LA and IAMLA (the Italian American Museum in Los Angeles), where it has also debuted. Bottini received the support of the IIC for the staging of her work. Get your tickets!

Come join us on Saturday June 24th from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the beautiful Reptacular Ranch in Sylmar. You will have an extraordinary Pinocchio experience! “Pinocchio, the wooden boy” is a very engaging 45’ minutes show that premiered in April at the IAMLA museum in LA. This time it will take place in a very special location, the Reptacular Ranch in Sylmar! 

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