‘Younger’ star Nico Tortorella talks polyamory, hallucinogens and Hollywood

Jun 27, 2017 2858

BY: Hana R. Alberts

Though he grew up in a traditional Italian-Catholic family in the straight-laced Chicago suburbs, actor Nico Tortorella bucked convention from the start. “Even when I was a hockey player, it was always a show for me. I would score a goal and throw my gloves out over the glass — there was so much flair,” laughs the rakish 28-year-old, who stars in the sleeper-hit series “Younger.”

Indeed, whether it’s revealing his tattoos in shirtless Instagram posts to more than 300,000 followers, outing his alter-ego drag queen (Almond Milk), opening up about sex and relationships on his podcast “The Love Bomb,” or dishing with Alexa in a trendy coffee shop near his Williamsburg home — Tortorella isn’t afraid to share.

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SOURCE: http://nypost.com

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