Festa Italiana offers authentic taste of Italy

Jun 09, 2016 548

by Erik Anderson

The fourth annual Festa Italiana sponsored by Habitat for Humanity will offer Frederick an exceedingly rare cultural experience in America: a true taste of Italy. "My goal is really to try to promote what is a more authentic aspect of Italy," said festival chairwoman Maria Giovanna Galasso, who came to Frederick from her native Italy 25 years ago. "I want to bring a little bit more of the real Italy and not just the Italian-American aspects that have always been promoted."

While she's not entirely certain about the origins of various American misconceptions of her homeland, she believes that they may have their roots in attempts by early Italian immigrants to adapt their culture to fit American lifestyles. "Americans think that in Italy, we eat garlic bread. We don't. We do not eat spaghetti and meatballs. Ever," she said rather emphatically. "In the United States, you don't always have your first course and second course, just your entrée, so I'm thinking [Italian immigrants] probably tried to translate an Italian first course and second course in just one entrée."

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