ISDA Appeals Judge’s Decision Concerning Removal of Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park Columbus Statue

Oct 06, 2022 479

Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ISDA) and its legal team, led by George Bochetto, Esq., strongly believe that Common Pleas Judge John McVay Jr. erred in his ruling. The Court ruled that the ISDA may not infringe on the City’s right to free speech, but the problem is: that was not the issue before the Court. Our Complaint raises the issue that the Mayor does not have the power to unilaterally override a duly enacted ordinance and change the City’s landscape, all without approval from the Pittsburgh City Council.

“The Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter is clear that some rule-making authority is reserved for City Council, and the Mayor must comply with those rules once enacted. In this case, the City Council passed a binding ordinance to keep the Columbus Statue in Schenley Park. Unless and until that ordinance is repealed, the Mayor must comply with it,” said Bochetto.

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